I am Ada!

I am a transformational life coach with an experience of almost 10 years as an entrepreneur, events coordination and blogging and I can’t wait to get to know each other and play together for your dreams! 

But what is a coaching session?

The most important thing you need to know is that coaching IS NOT therapy.

In coaching you embark on a journey that will guide you to your dream through a fascinating journey of self-discovery, full of challenges and interesting trials, but also with many awards and personal prizes.

If we would to compare coaching to a fairy tale, you are the hero, the princess is your dream, the horse and sward represent all of your abilities and superpowers and the dragon with the 7 heads is in fact a multitude of fears and challenges that you will knock down one by one because all of your superpowers that you discover in your journey. Sounds fun, right?

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What I offer?

Duration: 30 minutes

If you’ve never experienced a coaching session before, then this is the best fit for you. We will have 30 minutes to talk about your dream, your superpowers but also what are your challenges right now and how they can guide you to your true heart’s desire.

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Session duration: 40 – 60 minute

A coaching program of 6 or 12 weeks will help you create a playful and efficient plan for you to reach your dreams. Weather we focus on your personal life or you professional life, a coaching program will help you practice what you plan, evaluate your results and practice every action needed to obtain what you dream so that at the end of the program you will be able to obtain faster and easier everything you want from life.

Let’s put it this way:

  • The first session will leave you with a million questions
  • After 2-3 sessions you will start to understand the process and realize if you really need coaching
  • A couple of session pass and after 5-6 sessions you start to see big shifts in the way you think and approach life
  • And after 10-12 sessions the results on your life start to be visible even from space 🙂

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Duration: 90 minutes

In a group coaching experience you get two major bonuses that you would never receive in a one on one coaching session and those are the energy and wisdom of the group you will be a part of.

Every week you will have the opportunity to create new directions for your big dream while connecting to a tribe of people that are looking the same thing as you, maybe just a little diffrent. Every week will guide you to discover clear actions to take for your dream that we will also evaluate in the next session.

It’s basically a playful co-creation process that will also bring you a tribe of people with whom you can find your place of belonging.  

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What other players think about our coaching

My experience

I am a transformational life coach but before I got here I had diffrent roles and wore many hats that all helped me become the person I am today so let’s discover them together. 

I will bring to our coaching sessions all the experience I gathered in 10 yers of entrepeneurship so I can better support you in your journey to reach your big dream.

  • First event ”Ceai Cu Mămici”
    While being pregnant with my first child I discovered people’s need to belong to a tribe, a safe space where people won’t feel judged and where they can be themselves. That was also my need and actually the first time I experienced my power of bringing people together. Now, I do that through my coaching groups.
  • I became an entrepreneur
    And opened the first online shop in Romania dedicated exclusively to breastfeeding. I developed my marketing and sales knowledge and I had the opportunity to use my power of creativity freely to launch a clothing collection exclusively designed for breastfeeding moms.
  • started a parenting blog ceaicumamici.ro (aka tea time with moms)
    After having my second baby, I moved all of the stories I told at the events with moms into the online environment because my time became limited. In this blogging phase I learned the most about the digital world: social media, personal branding, creative writing, video editing, podcasting and basically everything about the online presence of a person or a brand.
  • A year in Adu Dhabi experiencing an #expatlife
    A year in which I learned what it means to be an expat in another country. The big transformation for me was that all the challenges encountered that time really helped me redefine the things are truly important for me and that energize and nourish me. Even though for most of the people, 2020 was the year the pandemic hit, for me it was the year I made the first big steps in deep self-exploration and also the year I put on paper the intents that are at the base of my big dream in life, which is to become a transformational life coach and create group coaching experiences for people where they can find their place of belonging, where they can really feel accepted and sustained.

Let's play together for your dream!

Believe in you and your heart’s desire and I will be right there championing you!

Let’s connect for a free exploratory session to get to know each other and give you the opportunity to see what coaching is about and why I am using al of this play language. 

Tel: 0722 655 507
E-mail: salut@adachindea.ro




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