Hi! My name is Ada Chindea, I am a mother, wife, blogger, networker and my newest hat is that of transformational life coach. At the end of 2011 I decided to quit my job and turn to building my own business. After 10 years of community events, online sales, and social campaigns for breastfeeding, blogging, homeschooling my kids, the pandemic hit and made me ask some tough questions. That’s how I got to acknowledge my true superpower which is connecting people and empower mom find their passion. With this thought in mind, at the beginning of 2021 I started putting down some future intentions and connecting the dots through my superpowers until I discovered my big dream of becoming a coach. So, in September 2021 I’ve started my studies at the Center for Coaching Mastery powered by Coachville in order to become a playful transformational life coach. I am happy to see the business and personal transformation my players make as we co create the next best version of themselves and their life. It might sound like a lot but it’s really not. It’s just a fun and playful process that allows me to put all my experience and education in guiding people find their balance, even if we talk about family life or professional life. So let’s play together!